5 Points to be noticed in choosing balance bicycle for kids

In recent times, balance bike has become more familiar to the children and their parents by the actual benefits for young children. However, on Vietnam market there is the emergence of many brands of balance bike with a variety of designs, colors and different prices. Therefore, it is relatively difficult for parents to selcet a suitable one.

Parents can research more at: http://kidsbalancebikecenter.com for more information and usage of training balance bikes for kids. You can understand more about the reason why your kids are neccessary to practice it.

Here are some points that the parents need to pay attention and research when they decide to choose the balance bike for their kids:

  • The lowest height of the saddle.

Balance bike is designed to kids practicing keeping balance on the basis of the infant car low enough to stand on it. Accordingly, it constitutes the feeling of security and confidence in practice. If the saddle of bike is too high, it constitutes the feeling of unstability that makes them feel anxious and afraid of falling over and do not dare to continue training. [Read more…]

Some advices to have amazing camping trip for the family

Picnic and camping are the common actions at young people who want to discover and experience life at beautiful, interesting and strange place. Therein, camping tent is an important item when picnic or camping. And you wonder how to choose and use camping tent for suitable with your trip. Sometimes, it is better if you can find the deal of large tents for sale which can help to save your cost.

Choosing right size of tent is very important thing and it usually is first factor which you consider when choosing a tent. You need to determine that you want to buy tent for how many people. The producers usually give we know that their tent can contain how many people. It can be two, four, six or even twelve people. However, it is maximum number of people sleeping in the tent but is does not include space for backpack and other personal items.

Therefore, you should consider carefully if you want to buy a wide and comfortable tent for your family especially when you have a big family.

Firstly, if you choose a tent too wide so you will has difficulty in order to find a place having big flat surface.

Secondly, you also should remember that big size go with big weight.

Third, big tent usually is hard to set up. Fourth, big tent will keep heat less than small tent therefore you will feel colder when you go camping or picnic in winter. However, if you go camping or picnic in summer so big tent will be cooler than small tent. Fifth, big tent usually is not steady as small tent when you meet big wind. [Read more…]


On holidays, a lot of families or groups of friends choose to go camping to relax and have more outdoor experience. However, outdoor camping has also potential risk, which requires you to have a good preparation. You should know that the most important equipment in family camping is the best family tent. If you don’t, careless preparation can have undesirable effect on your trip and all members in your families or groups.

This article will give you notes for camping preparation.

  1. Predict the weather

There are a lot of ideal places for going camping overnight but you have to follow the weather forecast to predict how good the weather is and whether it supports your camping trip or not. If you could understand the camping places, you will be able to prepare necessary things for upcoming activities there.

Apart from this, you had better to choose the way to pitch the tents in order that when there are any unexpected happenings, you can ask the nearest supporting center for help. [Read more…]

The fundamentals about golf clubs

For golfers, the right choice of club and understanding the ‘nature’ of how each ideal club is simply but there is not everyone that can be aware of. Here are a few things for reference.


The meaning of the numbers on golf club

Majority, on the top of sticks “representative” for the hit of sticks. The smaller number golf club has, the less the pass of stick is and the longer the stick is. The pass degrees is less and stick is longer which will help to gain further hit, but it can reduce the accuracy. This also means that the smaller clubs have hard hitting.

[Read more…]

The speed sports – the most attractive games in the world.

In addition to football-a king sport over the world, sailing, motorcycle racing, horse racing, dog racing, and so on are also well-received ones. Some of them have appeared from long time ago, while some have recently appeared but there are one thing in common between them is to bring special experiences novelty. So the “hot” of them never hypothermia.

  1. Sailing


Sailing is considered as one of the toughest sports and the most dangerous ones. Racing boats participating substantially yachts are very expensive ones. We can say that this is the aristocratic sport. Brokerage firm Northrop & Johnson Sailing is one of the major suppliers of this types for the sailing sport, for example, one of them costs $ 26 million or another can cost up to 42,5 million. [Read more…]

Equestrian – oldest sport in the world: pompous, noble and profitable

Horse Racing is definitely one of a few oldest sports in the world. Greece’s ancient games (in 684 BC) had horse racing. It is also prevalent in subjects Roman Empire. Equestrian always comes with seahorses, business forms of the oldest gambling in history. Because of its long historical process, it is difficult for all of the listed horse racing forms to already exist in this world.

  • Type the most popular horse race, the most famous one now is the “flat racing” English style- that type of racing occurs on a flat road, according to a certain distance to observe the horse will be the best. Of course, since it is one kind of sport, there must be regulation. This type is also known as thoroughbred horse racing, for this subject has been used explicitly only thoroughbred racing horse which have clear profiles, completely. We can forget the notion of football as “silver billion industry.” In horse racing (only thoroughbred horse racing), benefits from the official racecourses that registered and paid the full tax, are $ 115 billion per year (according to data 5 years ago). That is the reason why horse racing should definitely become a form of entertainment: seahorses.

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How do you know golf club?

Golf club has been known as an instrument that players use to hit golf ball into a goal. Constitute of golf club includes 3 parts: head, shaft, and grip. A standard of golf club contains: 3 wooden sticks (1, 3 and 5), 8 irons (sticks of 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and PW), and a putter sticks. Players often bring iron rod or a special wooden sticks. Generally, players carry more instruments if they want.



Wooden sticks are used for long shots. If the distance from the point of “the tee” to “the green” is 450 yards, most of the players will use wooden sticks. The first part of a generally wooden stick is hollow. You should use the wooden sticks when the distance from “the tee” to the “green point” is about 175 yards or more.

Driver has the lower loft angle than other clubs among the golf clubs. Loft angle is the angle between the rod surface and the vertical plane that perpendicular to the ground. It controls the road and affect the distance of the shot. Professional golfers often prefer to use low angle loft of driver which requires much more skills.

  • There was a marked improvement in recent years. The golf professors are turning to use higher kind of loft angle (10 and 11 degrees). They base on a conclusion that the long hitters will be achieved through a combination of high angles and low spin. New loft driver with high angle and club’s head will create high angles, and the kind of golf ball with a core specialty produce little more spin. Combining these two factors will create long hitters. Therefore, there are more and more professor turn to use the kind driver having club’s head loft angle loud and high. Most professors, nowadays use driver with loft angle from 8.5 to 10 degrees. These amateur players should use driver loft angle over 10 degrees.

Most golfers are bearing number 3 and 5 wood in their bag. A wooden sticks number 3 with loft angle of about 15-18 degrees, there is loft angle rod 5 from 20-22 degrees. Golf club with the higher means that the loft angle is greater. In addition, the number of golf clubs is higher refers that the golf club is shorter. An ordinary wooden stick with 3 ½ inches is shorter than a driver and analog sticks. Stick with shorter length of its arc proves that the bat speed of your swing is slower and distance of the ball is shorter, too.


Why is not stick called wood made of wood? In fact, they were made from wood in the 80s, but now wood has been replaced by metal. This metal has more advantages than wood, which is the most important advantages of metal casting ability accurately to create low center of gravity and the weight is allocated a flexibility in perimeter weighting. Both technologies bring the golf clubs seem be far superior to wood sticks. Perimeter weighting create larger sweet spot which help create more accurate balls. Low center of gravity will contribute to create high balls and minimizes sliding strokes.

  • For the wooden sticks number 2 and 4, actually the wooden sticks already exist and are popular more than 20 years ago, but the club has not lost favor because the new technology of wooden sticks has improved. Currently, most golfers prefer the wood bat number 7 and rather than the number and 4. In fact, now people tend to choose those with higher wood sticks to replace traditional iron ones with small number. Sticks number 3 and 5 are often called because they are used in the 2nd shot while playing, you normally will blow hit from the fairway.



The iron club is often used when you are away from the green 200 yards, the closer to the green you are, the higher number of iron club you have to use. A standard set of irons consists of numbers 3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and PW. The one 3 and 4 sticks are harder to hit than the other. Many golfers, especially women and senior players, are changing the principles in using by replacing iron golf club 3 and 4 by wooden sticks having larger number (7 and 9). This is a critical trend that beginner golfers should consider.




Wedge are really just one kind of special irons. Wedge first called piching wedge (PW), it has a loft angle of about 48 degrees. Typically, each next Wedge loft angle will have increased degree by about 4. Thus, the loft angle of the Wedge will respectively 48,52,56,60 and 64, a very special kind of sticks wedge called the last Wedge having a loft angle, up to 68 degrees. PW sticks are sticks with the highest iron loft angle and the lowest in the wedge, followed by the sticks having a higher loft angle respectively approach wedge (AW), sand (SW), lob (LW) , high lob and finally to 68 degrees-last wedge

Wedges are used pretty much, so most of the golfers have a few sticks. Wedges are usually designed as “blade clubs” because you are near the green, the improvements in design become less important. Requires of enhancing the control level the ball and hit, the path of the ball become more important in the design of a wedge sticks well.

PUTTER (Slim Full)


Putter is a special stick as it is used to hit the ball into the hole. After you hit the first driver about 250 yards to the middle of the fairway, hit number 2175-yard shot into the bunker and sticks wedge flicked the ball up to for the green, it’s time to put the ball into the hole. Putter sticks are used to hit the ball on the green and there are many types.


So, from all things above, we hope you will have a clear look about golf club and the types of golf club. Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy your game!

Learn general things about tennis

Tennis has appeared from the late 19th century and today has become the sport attracts a lot of people involved. Tennis is a sport played between two people (singles) or 2 teams (each team 2 people, doubles). Players use the nets to hit a ball with a rubber-coated felts called hollow tennis ball toward the opponent’s side. Tennis is now a very popular sport in many countries and are competing in the Olympics. Worldwide, there are millions and millions of tennis fans. Every year, there are many professional tennis tournaments are held all over the world, including four major tournaments and most prestigious (known as the Grand Slam), including the Australian Open, France Open (Roland Garros), Wimbledon and US Open (US Open).


  1. History

No one is sure of the origin of tennis, but many experts have believe that in 1873 a major in “the British army CLOPTON named Walter Wingfield” invented this discipline. At that time, the British called this game as “lawn tennis”. Mr. Wingfield called this game is “Sphairistike” and he had relied on an ancient game from Greece. The British brought the game to the island of Bermuda in 1873, and from Bermuda it was brought to America in 1874 and played in Staten Island, New York. Like many other sports, in England, they help them to spread their colonies around the world which has made this universal subject quickly.

Jeu de Paume sport of France has been also considered the forerunner of today’s tennis. [Read more…]